2017 CV

News articles for Wine Spectator:

Various articles I’ve authored from 300-1400 words. From technical subject matter that includes medical, financial, and technological breakthroughs to interviews, current events, and trends in the world of wine.

Weekly blog Unfiltered for Wine Spectator:

Client blog dealing with the lighter side of the wine world, where celebrity and wine intersect, as well as news items that perhaps don’t merit a long-form article.

Garold LaRue III Bio (copy only):

Client needed an in-depth profile covering decades of experience in the field of coffee roasting, as well as outlining his contributions to the global coffee trade and humanitarian efforts.

Avoca Coffee Profile Page (web):

Fifth-generation coffee roaster based in Texas needed an update to their profile page. They wanted clean and concise, with just a touch of personality. Professional yet playful.

Duda Simple Salads by Salanova B2B email with CTA (copy only):

Client needed an email template for a B2B message that would appeal to a targeted audience (producer buyers in large grocery stores) highlighting the merits of their unique product with various CTAs.

Medjool dates “Date Night” ebook/recipe book (copy only):

Client wanted an e-book that incorporated various Medjool date-related recipes and a play on the term “date night” with different themes applied to each recipe.

CalGiant Farms BuzzBlog:

Client needed ghost-blogged entries that emulated the author’s voice, hit SEO milestones, and engaged the reader with further CTAs.

Foodservice Industry Sales Copy Rewrite:

$100MM corporation had some sales material (PPT deck, web copy, etc…) that needed some love and trimming. No links available for proprietary copy, but reference available upon request.

Full Digital Marketing Campaign:

Worked with a local ad agency for a client’s total revamp (web copy, email campaigns, Facebook ads, landing pages, etc…) of their existing copy, new copy, SEO strategies, etc… No links available for proprietary copy, but reference available upon request.